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Main Services

Melbourne Concrete Removal specialises in residential concrete removal. We have got the equipment to safely break up or cut your concrete then take it away for recycling.

No need to organise a concrete cutter, bobcat operator and a skip service as we do it all from start to finish. The majority of our work is removing concrete driveways, paths, shed slabs and paved areas.

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Pool Removal

Melbourne Concrete Removal will convert your garden from having a swimming pool back into it’s original form as a natural garden. We remove both fibreglass and concrete pools then fill the hole and compact the material minimising future subsidence. We have access to machinery of different sizes that will suit your situation.

Earth Moving

Melbourne Concrete Removal has got the equipment to perform brick demolition, building rubble removal, soil removal and rubbish removal.

Bobcat and tippers can be hired out at hourly rates or work can be quoted to give you a definite amount. We load and remove almost all types of waste.

We often load and remove bricks, building rubble, soil and rubbish for less than the price of a skip depending on quantity.


Melbourne Concrete Removal works with builders, landscapers and concreters to excavate sites of all sizes. We have got the machinery suitable for a wide range of excavation work around Melbourne. If you need to excavate in Melbourne call us first.

Call now for Melbourne Bobcat, Excavator and Tipper hire: 0412 639 279

Limited Access Excavation

Melbourne Concrete Removal has got limited access machinery that can go through narrow openings such as garage doorways and side paths. Any area that can not be accessed with machinery can be removed manually with hand trolley or wheel barrow.

Concrete removal around delicate areas such as pipes can be broken up carefully with handheld jackhammers.